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Pin post insulators definition

If we want to understand porcelain pin post insulators definition, firstly, we must know that what an insulator is.

porcelain Pin post insulator            Pin post insulator

Mainly told about porcelain insulators definition:
Use of porcelain and ceramic insulators spread during the late 19th century alongside higher-voltage electrical wires, like those required for home power lines, because the protective properties of porcelain proved superior to glass. Porcelain insulators were produced in a variety of colors, ranging from deep brown and chocolate browns to bright white and grey.

Pin post insulators definition:
A porcelain pin post insulator consists of a nonconducting material such as porcelain, glass, plastic, polymer, or wood that is formed into a shape that will isolate a wire from a physical support (or "pin") on a telegraph, utility pole or other structure, provide a means to hold the insulator to the pin, and provide a means to secure the conductor to the insulator. By contrast to a strain insulator, the pin post insulator is directly connected to the supporting pole. The earliest pin post insulators predate the strain insulator and were deployed before about 1830. Pin insulators continue in production with manufacturers worldwide. Porcelain pin post insulator can replace the pin insulator.

So far, 22KV porcelain pin post insulator and 33KV porcelain pin post insulator is commonly used insulator in electrical power line. We know the pin post insulators definition, we understand that how to use the pin post insulator.

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