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Pin type composite insulators

Pin type composite insulators have high bending strength, superior impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion-proof performance. Insulating reliable, light weight, it is ideal replacement products for traditional insulators.

Pin type composite insulators

Pin type composite insulators are made of fiberglass core rod and the silicone rubber as the basic structure, the mechanical strength of epoxy glass fiber rods is quite high, at 1.6 to 2.0 times the strength of ordinary steel, high-strength porcelain 3 to 5-fold.

Since the diameter of middle layer of sheds for Pin type composite insulators are smaller than upper and lower layers, the shed of upper and lower layers will not cause continuous conduction. so it will not produce leakage current thermal effects, finally prevent to cause insulator flashover.

When the Pin type composite insulators was struck by lightning, silicone rubber insulated sheds will not break, but there are obvious signs of burning, easy to make line inspection found.


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