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Polymer line post insulator definitions

Polymer line post insulator definitions include Cantilever Breaking Load, Specified Cantilever Load, Elastic Limit or Damage Limit, and Maximum Design Cantilever Load.

Polymer line post insulator definitions

Even if a load applied to a polymer line post application exceeds the MDCL, mechanical failure does not occur until the SCL is reached. However, the insulator may be damaged. Therefore, careful inspection and possible replacement is required in the event that a load greater than the MDCL may have been applied to the insulator.

Mechanical Rating of polymer line post is generally defined by the MDCL. A long insulator has a lower MDCL than a short one, due to the increased moment arm for the same core size. Therefore, the mechanical strength of a polymer line post takes various different ratings according to the insulator length, even though it has the same core diameter. The MDCL vs. line post length chart shows how the MDCL changes with length.

Polymer line post insulator, Combined Loading of vertical, longitudinal, and transverse loads should also be considered for polymer line post applications.


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