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Polymer line post insulators

Polymer line post insulators are used to high voltage transmission line and distribution line and up to 132kV.

Polymer line post insulators

Performance for Polymer line post insulators:
Leakage distance: Polymer line post insulators feature high leakage distance for optimum contamination performance.
Cleaning: Washing tests have been conducted with high pressure equipment at close nozzle-to –insulator distances. No water intrusion occurred after multiple washing.
Standards: Polymer line post insulators meet the latest IEC61109, IEC61952, IECC29.11 and other international standards.

Polymer line post insulators are applied to high voltage power line service, with good of feature of hydrophobic property, anti-ageing, tensile strength and bending strength, strong mechanical strength, shock resistance good quakeproof and brittle failure proof, light weight, easy to install.

Polymer line post insulators rod is produced from the highest quality materials. Strands are aligned for maximum tensile strength.




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