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Porcelain insulator manufacturers in india

Not Porcelain insulator manufacturers in india, China also has a lot of porcelain insulator manufacturers. They also produce common type insulators, such as porcelain line post insulator, porcelain pin post insulator.

Porcelain insulator

In these porcelain insulator manufacturers in india or in China, each manufacturer has its own important products. Some of them mainly produce high voltage insulator such as suspension insulator, some of them mainly produce medium voltage insulator such as porcelain pin post insulators, the other them mainly produce low voltage insulator such as shackle insulator.

Each porcelain insulator manufacturers in india or other countries. The key to dating household electrical porcelain artifacts is through the combination of identifying the style of the porcelain artifact and the maker’s mark. For example, Orient Power makes the mark on the shell of ceramic pin post insulator.

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