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As a leader of porcelain insulators suppliers, Orient Power mainly produce porcelain line post insulators, pin insulators, Ceramic porcelain pin post insulators and so on.

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About one of porcelain insulators-porcelain pin post insulator, Porcelain insulators suppliers can provide how the porcelain pin post insulators are.
Porcelain pin post insulators are used in conjunction with wires that may generate a large amount of heat. Ceramics have a very high heat tolerance, especially higher than plastic and some metals.

The power frequency flashover voltage of porcelain insulators
Power frequency flashover voltage is the main electrical performance of porcelain insulators. Flashover means the disruptive discharge along the outside appearance of the insulation parts.

The maintenance of porcelain insulators
Porcelain insulators suppliers can supply some way of maintenance porcelain insulators. Maintenance of porcelain insulators is really not required because the glaze coating on the exterior of the insulator keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering to the insulator. The metal fittings on the ends of our porcelain pin type post insulators are hot-dipped galvanized steel that will not deteriorate.


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