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Porcelain line post insulator 20KV

Orient Power Systems is a leader in porcelain line post insulator 20KV technology with product installations in over 20 countries world-wide with the capabilities of providing both ANSI and IEC qualified products and systems.

Porcelain line post insulator 20KV                 Porcelain line post insulator

The withstand flashover for Porcelain line post insulator 20KV
The flashover may results in damage of insulator glaze which can be repaired. In polluted regions contaminants deposit on the surface of the insulator that result in reduction of the flashover voltage of the insulator in wet condition. For example if the power frequency lashover voltage of a 20 kV porcelain line post insulators is 70 kV in dry then in wet condition the flashover voltage may be reduced to below 80 kV. Porcelain line post Insulators are designed to withstand flashover voltage.

Distribution porcelain line post insulators 20KV are used on overhead distribution lines. Porcelain line post insulators are commonly installed on metal, concrete or wooden structures to horizontally or vertically support the line conductor, also called horizontal line post insulator and vertical line post insulator. Also, porcelain line post insulator 20KV can be used to support high voltage conductor jumpers or leads.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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