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Porcelain line post insulators

The porcelain line post insulators unit consists of a metal cap and metal pin assembled to porcelain by means of neat Portland cement. These three materials have different temperature coefficients of expansion, the metal parts having the highest coefficient and the porcelains the lowest.

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The Porcelain line post insulators distributed by Orient Power are of the highest quality porcelain insulators. They are manufactured from wet process porcelain, giving them the ability to shed water and dirt. This allows for little-to-no maintenance. The Porcelain line post insulators are tested to meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.

Manufactured porcelain line post insulator types way has:
Dry process Porcelain line post insulators, where unglazed, appear grainy and may have dark lines where dirt has entered the tiny cracks and holes in the clay. Wet process porcelain for Porcelain line post insulator is mixed wet, plunged in a mold, threads plunged, shaped on a wheel or turning machine, then dried, glazed, and fired at very high temperatures. The porcelain, when properly made, lacks the tiny cracks and voids found in dry process porcelain. The key is to remove the air from the clay during mixing.

Orient Power Connectivity Porcelain line post insulator is designed for long-lived reliable service.

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