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Porcelain pin post insulator 20 KV

Porcelain pin post insulator 20 KV is a unique design, combining the advantages of the line post insulator with the advantages of the pin type insulator and used on high voltage distribution lines.

These porcelain pin post insulators offer an economical alternative to line post insulators (fitting on the same mounting pins as pin type insulators) while providing the improved operating characteristics of line posts - more rugged construction, improved resistance to lightning impulse damage, and standard ANSI threaded pin holes.

Porcelain pin post insulator 20 KV              Porcelain pin post insulator 20 KV

Porcelain pin post insulator 20 KV is designed with standard ANSI neck dimensions to enable use of existing pre formed (wrap lock) ties. We are offering a diverse range of pin post insulators, which is in various electricity bearing capabilities. Available in standard design and specifications, our range can be availed in one piece construction.

These porcelain pin post insulator products are highly efficient in functioning, and are less vulnerable to the damage. Our range can efficiently withstand line voltage for a considerable period of time. Clients can avail Porcelain pin post insulator 20 KV at market leading price.

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