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Post insulators

Post insulators is one main of insulator with two materials, they are porcelain ceramic and polymer. Post insulators can be divided into composite or porcelain line post insulator and station insulator. We often say the post insulator is station post insulator.

line post insulators

The properties of Porcelain post insulators/porcelain line post insulators
◆ High strength and insulating rubber insulation strength
◆ Eliminating the gap discharge
◆ Cementing: Portland cement is also possible
◆ Glaze color: Brown or grey
◆ Thereby extending the life of porcelain post insulators/porcelain line post insulators

The properties of Polymer post insulators/polymer line post insulators
◆ Excellent adhesive strength
◆ Good dielectric properties
◆ Variable fixed shrinkage
◆ Good dimensional stability

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