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Power line insulators

Power line insulators are manufactured from high quality non-porous electrical porcelain, they provide a long life and cost effective solution for the majority of applications. And main material is clay, quartz, and feldspar.

Power line insulators

Power line insulators properties:
Natural cleaning by wind and rain
Automated mass production system
Porcelain insulators are the traditional choice for distribution line, bus bar and apparatus insulation.
Porcelains insulator is made of ceramic
Maximum protection for insulator body under mechanical impact and flashover

High strength Ceramic power line insulators require not only higher amount of alumina but also Management of mining site, Sufficient technology of material analysis, Strict incoming inspection, use only selected material and Fine and uniform distribution of particles.

Power line insulators normally grey porcelain insulator price is a little higher than brown porcelain insulators, white color ceramic insulator is only used in several countries. Grey porcelain power line insulators are mainly used in Europe and America, South American countries.


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