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Properties of silicones

Properties of silicones are extremely suitable for applications in the transmission and distribution sector. They have an impressive spectrum of electrical, physical, mechanical and chemical properties.

Properties of silicones

Properties of silicones, Compared to other materials, silicones exhibit very good, long-lasting water-repellency, also known as hydrophobicity. Silicone insulating materials are extremely elastic. This facilitates installation and makes for novel installation techniques, e.g. cold shrinking on cables.

Compared to other materials, silicone elastomers are particularly resistant to UV radiation. Even harsh weather conditions, as found in coastal regions or deserts, have little effect on their properties.

Silicones only ignite at very high temperatures. This makes them particularly safe in operation. Even if they did ever catch fire, they would not produce any toxic gases. This is why they are the ideal choice for applications subject to strict fire safety requirements, for example in subways and high-rise buildings.

For properties of silicones, silicones have particularly high thermal stability. Another benefit of silicones is their high temperature resistance. For example, silicones maintain their elasticity down to -45 °C, which makes them particularly suitable for use at high altitudes and in polar region.


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