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Silicone composite insulators

Silicone composite insulators can effectively use the narrow corridor open nip electricity for urban transformation, can reduce the tower height, you can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.

Silicone composite insulators

Use of silicone rubber sheds its overall injection pressure process, in order to address the impact of the reliability of composite insulator interface electrical breakdown of the key issues.

Stubbs glass rod and connection fittings crimp using the most advanced technology, with a fully automatic acoustic flaw detection system, high strength, good looks, small size, light weight, rust-resistant galvanized fittings, porcelain insulators with each other for-use, the product structure, reliable, does not damage the mandrel, can give full play to its mechanical strength.

Silicone composite insulators mechanical and electrical properties are better than porcelain insulator run large safety margin is used to update the product power line.


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