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Suspension porcelain insulator

Suspension porcelain insulator includes AC disc suspension porcelain insulator normal type and Anti-pollution suspension porcelain insulator and mainly used for transmission lines.

Suspension porcelain insulator

Disc suspension porcelain insulators are mainly used on high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines to support and insulate conductors. The normal type disc suspension porcelain insulators include standard type and large creepage distance type insulators, which are widely used in clean areas and light pollution areas.

Anti-pollution type disc suspension porcelain insulators are used to support and insulate conductors on the overhead high-voltage transmission lines in polluted areas. Anti-pollution type disc suspension porcelain insulators have the same E&M strength class and coupling size as the normal type.

Suspension porcelain insulator have with big diameter, large creepage distance, great self-clean function and strong resistance to pollution, specially serving in droughty, rainless and windy areas.


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