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Technical Specification for porcelain Line Post Insulators

Technical Specifications for porcelain Line Post Insulators follow international standards or customers’ requirement. As a professional line post insulator manufacturer, we must ensure the high quality of insulator.

Porcelain Line Post Insulators are recommended for polluted zones and areas prone to vandal damage. Even if a shed should break there will be little decrease in flashover voltage and power supply will not be disturbed.

porcelain Line Post Insulator               porcelain Line Post Insulators

Technical Specification for porcelain Line Post Insulators
All porcelain Line Post Insulators are solid core wet process porcelain and are manufactured and tested in conformance with ANSI Standard C29.7. Multiple sheds for ceramic line post insulator provide extra leakage distance and uniform leakage path; shaped and spaced for natural cleaning; wind and rain flush off contamination, keep surface resistance high.

Porcelain Line Post Insulator characteristics:
A positive lockwasher, cooperating with serrated surfaces on the porcelain line post insulator base and shoulder of stud, permits easy removal but locks the stud against loosening from line vibration.

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