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Toughed glass suspension insulator design and properties

Toughed glass suspension insulator is common type in insulator areas, it is made by glass, compares with porcelain/ceramic type and composite type insulator, toughed glass suspension insulator have many properties and disadvantages, but toughed glass suspension insulator is essential part in the electrical system.

Toughed glass suspension insulator

Toughening process consists in inducing pre-stresses to the glass shell by a rapid and precisely controlled cooling of the still hot molded glass, the pre-stresses can give compressive forces on the outer surface layer balanced by tensile forces inside the body of the glass shell.

The function of permanent outer surface compressive stresses prevents crack formation or propagation in the glass shell.

Toughed glass suspension insulator properties:
High endurance and resistance to aging.
Suitable to safe live-line maintenance operations
High residual strength and no risk of line drop
Safety in handling and construction
Puncture resistance
Environment considerations

The contaminated level will influence the Toughed glass suspension insulator performance in the power system, so IEC 60815 standard defines the specific leakage distance for phase-to –ground voltage
IEC 60815 recommandation

IEC 60815 recommandation
Pollution level mm/kv in/kV
Light 31 1.1
Medium 20 1.36
Heavy 25 1.7
Very Heavy 31 2.1


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