Porcelain Post Insulator Models
    33kv polymer long rod pin insulator is Silicone rubber insulator. Its rated voltage is 1-500KV. The fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material.
    220kv silicon rubber post insulator up to a high voltage system suitable for overhead distribution and transmission lines.
    High voltage post insulators for nominal voltage above 1000V, frequency does not exceed the high-voltage electrical system of 100Hz AC running or to live conductor insulation and s...
    Polymer line post insulators are used to high voltage transmission line and distribution line and up to 132kV.
    22KV line post porcelain insulators consist of a solid porcelain cylinder, corrugated to increase the leak-age length. They are used to support the high voltage conductor and are m...
    Strain type insulators, and this standard applies to polymer, suspension insulators used to construct 115 kV transmission lines.
    Properties of silicones are extremely suitable for applications in the transmission and distribution sector. They have an impressive spectrum of electrical, physical, mechanical an...
    Clevis, insulated fittings, clevises, for attaching services where triplex type cable is used. It must be specified where the insulator is to be used.
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