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ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator,tie-top line post insulator

ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator is used on distribution line and transmission line upto 55KV. Tie-top line post insulator is mounted rigidly on supporting structure by means of a short or long stud.

ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator specifications:
Non-puncturable design
Application Standard: IEC, ANSI, BS, AS, DIN, CAN, GB and etc.
Color: light gray, brown, white, sky blue and etc.
Non-standard products: Designed by us or specified by the customers.

ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator              porcelain line post insulator ANSI 57-4

Post insulators have a metal stud base with threads used with insulator pins. The Orient manufactured the tie-top line post insulator which quickly replaced the porcelain pin type insulator as the most popular for medium voltage transmission. Many early multipart lines are spotted with line post insulators as replacements.

ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator paraeters:

Type   57-4
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 140
Wet KV 110
Critical impulse flashover voltage KV 230
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 44
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 200
Leakage distance Inches 40
Dry arcing distance Inches 14.5
Cantilever strength Pounds 2800

ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator ultrasonic tests: Orient checks each and every porcelain core. An ultrasonic pulse is sent through the column of porcelain. If an internal defect is found in the insulator, it is rejected. This test is an integral part of our in-plant quality control system.

ANSI 57-4 porcelain line post insulator is only one of our products. Situated in Zhengzhou, China, Orient is a famous enterprise mainly manufacturing all types of electrical insulators and electric apparatus for both domestic and international markets.

Orient Power will do all series of tests for our line post insulators before selling. The line post insulator tests include design tests, quality conformance tests, cantilever-strength test and routine tests. More details about ANSI 57-2 porcelain line post insulator or tie-top line post insulator can be shown for you through emails or online contact.

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