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ANSI 57-5 porcelain line post insulator,line post insulator specifications

ANSI 57-5 porcelain line post insulator is mounted rigidly on supporting structure by means of a steed or bolts. Tie-top line post insulator connected fitting type is tie top conductor binding type, and line post insulator specifications are shown in the following chart.

ANSI 57-5 porcelain line post insulator              porcelain line post insulator ANSI 57-5

Porcelain line post insulators are made of wet process porcelain and metal, and they are used for high voltage transmission line applications.

ANSI 57-5 porcelain line post insulator specifications:

Type   57-5
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 160
Wet KV 130
Critical impulse flashover voltage KV 265
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 44
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 200
Leakage distance Inches 45
Dry arcing distance Inches 17.25
Cantilever strength Pounds 2800

Tie-top line post insulator moment tests:
Orient also maintains constant moment testing on each and every assembled insulator to ensure the line post insulator specifications. This test loads both caps....both cement joints....and, the entire column of porcelain, to a uniform bending moment. The moment is applied in each of the four quadrants, 90 degrees apart; at a load of 50% of the ultimate cantilever rating of the unit.

The maximum recommended working load is 40% of rating: Orient tests are 25% over the maximum recommended working load. Orient Power takes pride in strong technical strength and rich experience as well as the ability in manufacturing tie-top line post insulator products.

We are equipped with a full set of professional instruments for analyzing and testing on raw material and finished ANSI 57-5 porcelain line post insulator products. Besides, our company has established an excellent system of technique control and quality assurance.

Orient Power will do all series of tests for our line post insulators before selling. The line post insulator tests include design tests, quality conformance tests, cantilever-strength test and routine tests. More details about ANSI 57-2 porcelain line post insulator or line post insulator specifications can be shown for you through emails or online contact.

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